MILAIRPIX stands for Military Aircraft Pictures.

This website contains thousands of unique images taken at some of the major airshows and airbases in the UK.

Also available are FREE Wallpapers, Screensavers, E-cards, Email, Forums, Games, E-Jigsaw Puzzles, Military Aviation Mouse Cursors, and monthly Competitions to win unique Aircraft Profiles or Caricatures, although there is currently a Competition break.

The Links page contains many quality links related to Military Aviation.

MILAIRPIX.COM has been online now for over Twenty Four years and in that time has achieved close to 4 million visitors!

As well as the Domain Name MILAIRPIX.COM I also own MILAIRPIX.CO.UK and FIGHTERPHOTOS.COM as well as a couple of other .COM Domain Names which all point to this website.

All images are Copyright Roger Whitcomb, some of the code has been taken from other sources and copyright notices for these remain intact.

I created this website as part of my hobbies which are Website Design and Military Aviation Photography, it is not meant for any commercial purpose although all images are available for sale.




MILAIRPIX.COM is a personal website by Roger Whitcomb devoted to Military Aviation. It is mainly a vehicle for showcasing my Military Aviation Photography. It has grown to several GB in size and everything contained herein is unique to this site!

There are a number of unique Screensavers available for download as well as E-Jigsaw Puzzles to while away those spare hours! Unlike many other military aviation websites MILAIRPIX.COM does not provide technical specifications, it's pictures only!

This website has been designed and tested to run in any current browser.

The only problem browser appears to be Netscape 4 as this cannot handle DHTML very well. The site is optimized for the highest resolution your screen will handle. You will need to have javascript enabled to view the site correctly.

I do recommend Opera, it is my browser of choice. It is standards compliant and best of all is the fastest browser around, it is available for all platforms and can be downloaded from


About the MILAIRPIX.COM Webmaster


My name is Roger Whitcomb. I live in Hatfield in Hertfordshire which is in the UK. I worked in the IT industry for 16 years but due to ill health this is now no longer the case. My passion is Military Aviation Photography, I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, some of the images on this site date back to the mid 80's! I built this website from scratch mainly as an exercise to teach myself website design. I must admit I would rather be flying some of these aircraft but photographing them is the next best thing. I have had a passion for military aircraft since I was 4 years old and my father took me to my first airshow. So far I have only been able to photograph aircraft in the UK (apart from Krakow in Poland which I visited on my honeymoon), one day I would love to visit some of the major airshows and airbases in the US and also Zhukovsky in Russia... one day...

Anyway, enjoy your visit to my website, take a look around. I hope you'll come back often to see what's new!    



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