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Win a Diecast Model Aeroplane Competition Page - May 2008

The Prize for May 2008 was a Model Power Northrop F-117A Stealth Fighter

The Competition was kindly sponsored by http://www.diecastairplane.com

Answers: Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint (United States Air Force)
                Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (United States Air Force)
                BAe Hawk T.1 (Royal Air Force)

Prize Winner: Rudi Geeroms from Dendermonde in Belgium


James Forrester (UK) Dave Kenchington (UK) Dave Griffiths (UK)
David Bargh (UK) Duncan MacKellar (UK) Ed Evans (UK)
Kelvin Wheeler (UK) David Fennell (UK) Graham Cherry (UK)
Glen Oldham (UK) Robert Nicholls (UK) Angel Patricio Prieto (Argentina)
John Guillain (UK) Paolo Sergio Rodrigues da Silva (Brazil) Anthony Humpleby (UK)

Participants: 19 (16 correct answers)

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